Nuan studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio in architecture, urban planning, landscape and interior design.

Nuan began as collaborative architectural and interior illustrated as body and soul which should come as a whole.

The studio was founded in 2016 by Queena Wang, UK-based designer who resides now in Hong Kong, with a team of architects and designers from top international firms to provide architectural and interior design services. 

All our projects draw their energy and purpose from our commitment to enrich people’s lives and the world we live in. We believe that buildings are more than the sum of their parts and constantly seek to achieve a synthesis of design, function and context. Our buildings are uniquely matched to each project but always seek to combine beauty and meaning by putting people at the centre of design. The core thinking is that true design aesthetics is found in the thoughtfully-curated details that are both understated and purposeful, inducing the customer’s senses and curiosity.

In every thing we do, we believe in complementing global perspective and idea, with a deep local knowledge. We do this by providing holistic design process, from design concept, design development, and finally implementation. In 2018, we set up a Certified Grade A Architectural Design Institute in Hangzhou, China, to apply this design process to every project.



Nuan's architectural work focuses on the functionality and collaboration of space & integration. They develop their own language, while being aware of the physical surroundings of the existing space.


Nuan's philosophy mimics the principles of Australian Lanscaping - simple, elegant, with lots of natureesque elements - which plays an important role (both physical and visual) in its relationship with its surroundings.


Nuan champions interior designs driven by meaningful ideas explored through different R&D and materials. Shaped by conditions and circumstances of each individual project translates into an experimental yet narrative based outcome.